IB Physics

As an exercise in clear writing to explain physics, I have decided to try my hand at making notes for the International Baccalaureate physics course. Although I took the (Singapore) A levels myself, I feel that IB notes would have a larger international appeal. The primary purpose of these notes is not to cover the course comprehensively, but rather, to explain key concepts which will enable a deeper understanding of physical principles.

The topics are currently organised according to the IB syllabus, although I think that going through them in order might not be the best idea. For example Topic 12 should really come before Topic 7, since it sets up some of the physical principles required for Topic 7. Unfortunately, the requirements of SL and HL has led the IBO to separate the topics this way. It’s easier to just follow the syllabus structure for now, but eventually I hope to arrange them by logical topical progression. I am also tempted to group electric fields, gravitational fields and fields together, due to their similarities. Topics 4 and 9 are two parts of the same thing, but at least they split them apart in a more sensible way.

I have not listed this page on the menu of the website itself since it’s still in its infancy. However, you are welcome to share this with whomever you choose, and feedback is always deeply appreciated. My long term goal is to make notes for undergraduate-level physics as well.

The links below lead to the pages with the notes.

Topic 1: Measurements and Uncertainties (Draft 2)
Topic 2: Mechanics (Draft 2)
Topic 3: Thermal Physics (Draft 1)
Topic 4: Waves (Draft 1)
Topic 5: Electricity and Magnetism (Draft 1)
Topic 6: Circular Motion and Gravitation (Draft 1)
Topic 7: Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics (Draft 2)
Topic 8: Energy Transfer (Outline)
Topic 9: Wave Phenomena (Draft 1)
Topic 10: Fields (Outline)
Topic 11: Electromagnetic Induction (Draft 1)
Topic 12: Quantum and Nuclear Physics (Draft 2)
Option A: Relativity
Option B: Engineering
Option C: Imaging
Option D: Astrophysics

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