Topic 5: Electricity and magnetism

This paragraph contains no physics. I have placed all the electric current and circuit topics into 5.2 (which I call ‘circuits’ instead of ‘heating effect of electric currents’, which I believe does not capture the essence of the topic particularly well)

5.1 Electric fields

Charges (- and +), field lines, forces on them, Coloumb’s law

Potential and potential energy, electronvolts


5.2 Electric circuits

Drift velocity

Conduction in metals

Electric current

Definition of resistance, resistivity circuit diagrams

Kirchoff’s circuit laws

Power dissipation in circuits, effects of power dissipation

Electric cells, internal resistance, and emf

5.3 Magnetism

Magnetic field (right hand grip)

Direction of the force on a particle moving in the field (F = q (v x B)) and on a current carrying wire in the field (F = Bqv, F = BIL)